As a kid coming up I read every magazine I could get my hands on. Took BS supplements from health food stores, did countless programs illustrated in muscle magazines…NOTHING WORKED.

I was in 10th grade High School and I found a book advertised in the back of a muscle magazine that had in the cover HOW TO GAIN 30 POUNDS OF MUSCLE IN 6 WEEKS. It was so inexpensive and I had spent so much of the money I earned on BS from the health food store I thought what the hell.. I ordered the book and waited.

Super Squats Book

When it came I was surprised on how small the book was, but I read it so fast I still laugh about it today.

In that little inexpensive book was the information that would change my life forever.

Now all these years later writing for different muscle and steroid related blogs and websites I still can’t believe that VERY FEW people have implemented or even know about the power of this little book.

People often want to know about steroids for sale or some heavily marketed expensive products. And while I’m a now long time user of anabolics and I do believe that is a personal choice that only that person can make NO ONE ELSE, it surprises me that people spend very little time on their training methods and more time on the products they are buying. I have literally heard “I don’t have time to train so what do you recommend as a steroid cycle so I can be jacked without working out much…Tren?”


Seriously? I recommend you stop talking ….immediately…

I know that sounds harsh, however I just can’t wrap my mind around this mentality.

As a strong believer in anabolics and what they can do for you, I strongly believe NOTHING will replace Desire, Dedication, and a strong Follow Through. NOTHING.

If I had 2 guys I was training, One was taking steroids and training half assed, and the other was on the program I’m about to show you and doing it to the tee. All my money is on the non-steroid trainer.

Back to the story… I enrolled in weight training at my high school and I was excited because I only had plastic weights at my house with the sand in them and a weight bench by DP…(if you’re really old you’ll remember DP) It just wasn’t enough to do the program laid out in this book. And while the gym equipment was old by current gym standards at that time it was VERY workable. Olympic style plates, real benches, a REAL squat rack, etc. I wrote down the program on a piece of paper and brought it to class to be “OKED” by our “weight training teacher” She was a middle aged woman that looked very hard, however she was nice enough to me and the other classmates. When I handed it to her she looked so confused.

Coach- What’s this???

Me- Its called Super Squats

Coach – You work the whole body in one class?

Me- Yes. 3 times a week Monday, Wednesday, & Friday


She rolled her eyes, signed my paper, and I stared what was going to be a life changing experiment.

Steroids for sale

In that “class” it was really do what you want hour in a weight room. You designed your own program on a paper they gave you…it was nothing more.

When I started this program understand I was almost 6’4 and 165lbs…no bullshit.

I was encouraged when I read in the book the stories of Paul Anderson, an old time strong man who made incredible gains with the super squat program breaking world records even squatting 1,160punds several times a night for showings.

Paul Anderson


J.C Hise, Peary Rader, John McCallum, and many others I learned about in this book, all these years later I still look back with respect to these old time bodybuilders.

I went to pack on 18lbs in 5 months not 30lbs in 6weeks HOWEVER these were SOLID GAINS NOT FAT and I was 2xs as strong as I started out.

Here’s how it works and why some people that have tried this fail.

Why people fail at Super Squats.

Ronnie Colman

First if you just glance at the program below you may think what a joke, I can do that no problem. However if you are doing this 3 times a week and DOING IT RIGHT, you’re gonna have your ass handed to you. No Bullshit. I’ve seen people try this and one of the first things I see wrong is they aren’t warming up.

They see the first exercise, the shoulder movement, and see 3 sets of 12, put some weight on the bar, do 3 sets of 12 and move on to the next exercise. WRONG!

You should be doing at least 3 warm up sets, (I always encourage 5) pre exhaust the muscle. Get the blood in there. You should have a pump BEFORE you start your working set.

At this point you should have on the bar or dumbbell weight you can barely get 12 reps out of.


If you do this for EVERY exercise YOU WILL BE TANKED!

Secondly most people think this will be a walk in the park with the squats, mostly because they have no experience OR they feel they have a ton of leg work out experience. AGAIN IF YOU ARE DOING THIS RIGHT YOURE GONNA BE IN FOR A TREAT MY FRIEND.

Start out with 4 to 5 warm up sets. Don’t kill yourself on this were gonna kick your ass in a second.

Then put on the bar what you can squat FOR 10 REPS ONLY… NOW WRE GONNA DO 20 REPS

This is where you’re going to push yourself way past your mental and physical barriers.

Those first 10 are usually pretty easy, try to take 2 beep breaths, as deep as possible, on the top of each rep. As you get closer to the 15th rep, its ok take more breaths (even 15 if you need to, deep breathing is part of this routine), keep going till you get to that 20th rep, DO NOT STOP, this will separate the people that have guts to the people that will remain the same.

After you have finished that 20th rep, rack and superset your pullovers, and continue the workout.

On the other mentioned exercises (besides the squats) remain at a weight you can complete the mentioned reps and move up 5 pounds each workout until you reach a sticking point. Have 3 alternative exercises per body part you can move to (except legs… this will ALWAYS BE THE SQUAT) and keep working your way up in weight. The main thing not to forget is this THE SQUAT ROUTINE NEVER CHANGES. IT IS ALWAYS 20REPS OF SQUATS AND AN ADDED 5 POUNDS EVERY TIME.

Simple right?? Ha… below is the routine.

Arnold Squatting

The Super Squat Routine – The Original: (The program below is with 3 to 4 set warm ups on each exercise BEFORE the mentioned working sets)

Press behind neck (I Do military presses with Dumbbell or Bar) – 3 x 12

Bench press (Incline Alt Exercise With Dumbbell or Bar) – 3 x 12

Rowing (This can be Tbar or Dbar seated rows, Atl Exercise- Pull-ups) – 3 x 15

Standing Bar Curl (I Use EZ Bar 3 sec negative Curls) – 3 x 15

Squat – 1 x 20 supersetted with Pullover – 1 x 20

Stiff legged deadlift – 1 x 15

Pullover – 1 x 20

Toe Raises  – 3 x 20


This program uses a Monday, Wednesday, and Friday 3 day routine.
Alternatively if you are feeling fatigued or not fully rested, you can change your schedule to Monday and Thursday and work your other body parts on alternate day doing the squats 2 days a week instead of 3.

I work this program to this very day. I am currently on a 6 week training cycle that I cycle on and off to. From beginner to advanced, if you think this is too simple and just can’t be true. I challenge you to toss all your fancy routines, expensive DVDs, stupid magazines, bullshit chatrooms, and anything else unnecessary to your growth. GO OLD SCHOOL AND GROW!

I’ve laid out the entire program however this is a must have for anyone looking to get into the iron game or an advanced enthusiast.

I met a kid not too long ago. He was looking for weights. He was very little maybe 10 years old, his mom was telling me “he doesn’t know where to start” I simply said “get him the book Super Squats when he is ready. You can find it online for under 5 dollars, and it will be the only thing hell ever need.”

Check it out for yourself, if you are buying BS at the health food store, fancy aps for your phone, and for some of you gear, you can spend less than 5 dollars on a super squats book. Try this for 6 weeks and let me know what you think. Bet it kicks your ass and makes you grow.